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Ajexus is a toolkit for building health care information systems that are tailored exactly to the users specific requirements and can be easily altered over time as those requirements evolve.

Ajexus combines the benefits of using a packaged product with the benefits of a custom development.

Ajexus is equally suited to either a hospital inpatient or outpatient setting, or to a residential or community care setting.

Ajexus includes a tutorial and sample configurations currently covering areas such as Audiology, Cardiology, Diabetes, Geriatric, Gynaecology, NASC, Neurology, Oncology, Orthopaedic and Psychiatric.

Ajexus includes a data dictionary where the specific patient information required to be recorded is defined.

This may include anything such as referrals, assessments, assistance, appointments, orders, investigations, diagnosis, interventions, services and outcomes. Ajexus is fully multimedia capable so data recorded can include notes, documents, images, audio or video.

Ajexus includes a form designer allowing custom forms to supplement or replace the default set. The form designer supports third party controls and scripting. This gives complete control over how data is presented, validated and updated.

Forms may include anything from demographics, to the service record, through to the complete electronic medical record , directories of locations and equipment.

Ajexus includes a powerful report designer. This allows virtually any report to be created. The report writer supports third party controls such as charts and scripting. This gives complete control over how data is presented.

Ajexus includes scripting language support. This allows virtually any task to be carried out such as work flow, automation, validation and interaction with other applications.

Ajexus includes an engine component. This allows the system to be fully extensible. Typical uses of the engine component may include interfaces to other software and systems such as financial.