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If you are new to Ajexus please complete the tutorial to become familiar with Ajexus' capabilities

The tutorial is split into 2 stages. Stage 1 gives a quick introduction for those with limited time, and Stage 2 builds on Stage 1 to give a deeper understanding of the true capabilities.

Please take the time to complete this tutorial to get a good understanding of the true benefits Ajexus offers.

Once you have completed the tutorial, there are a range of help guides you can view in your own time which give you more detailed information on how to tailor Ajexus to meet your organisation's needs.

Help for sample databases:

Audiology Sample Database

Cardiology Sample Database

Diabetes Sample Database

Geriatric Sample Database

Gynaecology Sample Database

NASC Sample Database

Neurology Sample Database

Oncology Sample Database

Orthopaedic Sample Database

Psychiatric Sample Database