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Sample configurations

  • Geriatric
Sample databases are automatically installed when you install Ajexus.

To start the Geriatric sample database from the START Menu, click Start, Ajexus 4, Samples, then Geriatric Database.

Note: Ajexus is suitable for any healthcare provider. The sample databases provided show how Ajexus might be configured to meet specific needs. If you have different requirements, remember that in Ajexus you define the information that is to be recorded therefore Ajexus can easily be tailored to your needs.

The geriatric sample database supplied with Ajexus covers the fictitious organisation 'Midland Healthcare Services'. They currently provide healthcare services in the area of aged care.


Logins available

The following User Names are available in the sample database. For ease of use, use the administrator User Name.

  • 'administrator' has full rights to all information as well as rights to the Data Dictionary
  • 'JoeT' has full rights, except no rights to the Data Dictionary
  • 'EmmaZ' has clinical rights only
  • 'KellyU' has manager rights only

The Password for all the users in the sample database is 'password'.

For information on logging into Ajexus refer to Getting Started in the Operation section in the User Guide.

Patients Available

Select 'John Brown', 'Ann Green' or 'Harry Smith'. For information on selecting records refer to Select a Patient Record in the Record section in the User Guide.


Patients may be pre-entry (prior to admission), or resident (once they are admitted to the nursing home or hospital).


There are various elements available in this Data Dictionary for recording information specific to aged care patients.

Element Lists

Full Record (Grouped by date)

This shows the complete medical record for the patient, grouped in strict (reverse) chronological order. This element list would be useful for someone wishing to fully acquaint themselves with the medical history, such as a new clinician taking over the case. Over time this element list can become unwieldy as a large amount of information accumulates.

Full Record (Grouped by episode)

Similar to the element list above but now the record has been grouped by the episodes. In the case of Midlands, episodes are used not only to distinguish the service but also the stage of care within that episode. This element list is also useful for someone that wishes to acquaint themselves fully with the patients record but again can become unmanageable as the volume of information grows.

Summary Reports

*All elements

Normally a report such as this would not be created as it would attempt to return all the elements within Ajexus. However, this report has been included in the sample database.

Accidents & Incidents

Displays any accidents or incidents that have been recorded. Accidents and incidents may involve staff and/or patients, and include for example,needle stick wounds, falls, skin tears. Usually this report would have additional criteria such as 'Unresolved' or 'Last week'.

Admissions - All

Displays admission details for all patients to Midlands.

Assigned Staff

Displays which staff have been assigned to which patients.

Care Plans

Displays all care plans created for patients.

Care Reviews Due

Displays which care reviews for patients are now due. Usually this report would be for a certain period in time, such as, 'this week', or for a certain staff member.


Displays which patients have been discharged due to the patient being deceased, returning home, or transferring to other care services.


Displays enquiries that have been received regarding possible admission. Usually this would be used for enquires that are pending, and have yet to be followed up.


Displays whether patients are funding themselves, or receiving funding from other organisations such as insurance companies. Usually this report would be used to show those patients with funding issues still to be resolved.

Staff Training

Displays a list of staff training elements. Normally this would be used to show training scheduled for the next week or similar.

Therapies & Activities

Displays a list of all therapies and activities that patients are involved in. Normally this would be used to show a list of what is scheduled for the day.

Waiting List

Provides a list of all patients on the waiting list for the nursing home or hospital.

Total Reports

There are also various total reports available. These reports are similar to the summary reports, but return totals of the information, rather than the actual elements.