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Ajexus Limited
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Ajexus Limited
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We supply a fully managed system.

We configure and maintain Ajexus for you. We provide a full range of services including requirements specification, configuration, integration with other systems, data conversion, site documentation and training.

Ajexus has the ability to configure, capture, plan, schedule, track and report on any type of information, such as referrals, appointments, assessments, investigations, problems / diagnosis, medications, treatments, interventions or outcomes.

Ajexus is initially tailored to your individual requirements by setting up the data elements you require in the data dictionary. Custom forms and reports are then constructed along with automation and validation scripts and any interfaces to other systems created.

It is recommended that Ajexus is implemented in staged manner. It is also advisable to implement in one area of the organisation at a time. These stages are:

  • Gather user requirements. Clinical, administrative and management needs all need to be met.
  • Configure Ajexus to meet the requirements
  • Produce configuration specific documenation
  • Train users in how to use Ajexus and the change in business processes resulting in Ajexus.
  • Start reaping the benefits of Ajexus.

Following the implementation, changing requirements are met by altering the configuration as required.

Other administration tasks are also required, such as merging clients/patients, adding new users, maintaining the location directory, etc. Normally an expert user or users are trained for this responsibility.